Do You Really Know Your Principles?

Do we have common principles?

Do you have a process of building principles?

What is pattern recognition?

Do you want to make your goals and dreams come true in 2018?

If yes, I highly recommend you to listen to this #AskGaryVee show with Ray Dalio and learn something about principles.




Your brain accelerates recovery after a stroke by Tej Tadi

Being fascinated by technology and today’s machine learning I came across Tej Tadi’s TED talk in Lausanne. Tej Tadi is the Founder & CEO of  . MindMaze is the world’s leading Neurotechnology startup built on more than a decade of pioneering research at the intersection of virtual reality and neuroscience.

In times when everything seems to go by so fast take a step back and listen to what Tej Tadi has to say about your brain and help change the world.



Claude Oggier

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