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Digital Transformation – Do You Pay Attention?

March 30, 2015

One of my sources of inspiration is clearly Mitch Joel in the world of Digital Marketing. Mitch always shares great content I enjoy reading and recently he shared a video from Scott Galloway. So please, if you have been living under a rock for now and don’t know about the digital transformation that has already happened please watch now and share your thoughts with me:



TEDxSanDiego – James Altucher Talks About Choose Yourself

February 17, 2015

Ever since I came across James Altucher through one of my favorite blogs called Six Pixels of Separation by Mitch Joel I am getting hooked to listen to James great sense of humor, his honesty about failures and success.

Decide and choose for yourself in listening to his recent TEDxSanDiego talk.



Advertising – The Super Bowl Commercials 2015

February 2, 2015

The 2015 Super Bowl is over and the New England Patriot had a great night. The probably most important night in american football is also one of the biggest in Marketing.

Awesome commercials but the most touching commercial this year for me is:

I guess being a father of 2 made me choosing the Nationwide commercial. However, knowing the Super Bowl as a big family event in the US, it’s probably not the best commercial you want your son or daughter to see during the event. Looking at the commercial from a context outside the US changes significantly your perception in my opinion.

What is your opinion?

Watch them all on:


Year in Search 2014 by Google

December 29, 2014

Watch this inspiring video produced by Google and make time for the most important things that matter to you today!


TED Talks – Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen

November 14, 2014

Watching lots of TED Talks I actually came across Julian Treasure through a recent podcast he did with Mitch Joel.

Fascinating talk with great insights for anybody. Listen carefully;-)


Snowboarder Kevin Pearce speaks at Google Zeitgeist 2014

September 21, 2014

Every year around this time Google organizes Zeitgeist where some great minds come together and share their thoughts and stories. Watching this year videos there has been on speaker that stood out from the crowd for me. Kevin Pearce, Snowboarder and today ambassador for the love your brain movement tells you more about his personal life where he went from the top to the bottom in a blink of an eye.

Fascinating story where you will find purpose in adversity.

Subscribe to Google Zeitgeist Youtube Channel , start watching and get inspired like me.



Your Emotionally Charged Stories

September 1, 2014

Reading Mitch Joel’s blog on almost a daily basis I am not only fascinated by his writing style and marketing knowledge I am also thankful to his valuable content he shares with us every day. Recently he attended another Google Talk and got surprised by Dough Stevenson’s way of thinking about storytelling.

 We all have childhood memories and remember them like it happened yesterday. Why that? Because it was an emotionally charged event.


Original Article by Mitch Joel



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