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Your Ultimate Test To Overcome Your Fear – Sky Diving Switzerland

I am not the kind of person who likes to stand on the edge of a building therefore you can tell from the first video that I have been a bit tense and didn’t really know what to expect from this crazy idea to jump out of a plane.

Do you remember how it feels to prepare yourself for a presentation and to stand in front of a bunch of people? The moment where you have to overcome your fear and actually do it and go on stage?

Before the jump video: (recorded with iPhone)

After the jump video: (recorded with iPhone)

I overcame my fear and more and more I see parallels between my personal adventures and work. We all have to push ourselves to overcome some sort of fear of failure or “No, I can’t do that” but I believe if you and I learn to take action instead of holding back, to make it a habit and to do it again and again then it becomes second nature.

I would be happy to hear your story. Tell me about your craziest adventure so far?

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I just started with pinterested and posted a few pictures: http://pinterest.com/claudeoggier/

If I will do it again another time I might be wearing google glasses.

Check out Google Glasses demo: Sky Diving

Raphaël & Rebecca – Thank you for your help!;-)

Thank you http://www.skydiveswitzerland.com/ for making sure we made it back safely;-)

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