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About Me

My name is and I am passionate about digital media that changes the way we live and do business today. A Marketer interested in reading, learning about the new marketing age and sharing (hopefully) useful information. Lets have fun;-)

My philosophy:

  1. Learn by trying
  2. Educate yourself
  3. Start now

Attitudes I highly value: being helpful, honest, human, respectful and open-minded.

This is a personal blog. I am also a father of 2, husband, Digital marketing addict, open-minded and the opinions expressed here represent my own. Please note that I am not a native english speaker and do my best to write in a simple, understandable tone of voice. Any feedback is more than welcome and I won’t feel offended;-)

I possess extensive hands-on experience among medium and large multi-cultural companies such as IMD business school, Cornercard, UNOSDP, IUCN, CHANEL,Nespresso & Swiss Learning Group.


Claude Oggier from Switzerland

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